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                                                      Museum of Tolerance: Reflection
            Today I went on the field trip to the Museum of Tolerance for the first time. I had heard many good and interesting things about the museum prior to any 10th graders attending and I had been excited to see it since the 5th grade. In the movie the Freedom Writers, I had seen parts of it, like about the card and finding out if the child you got survived or not, unfortunately mine didn’t. Mine was Lia Borak, a twin to Mia, but they were most likely experimented on.
            The most interesting parts, I have to say, was when we talked to Gloria and to William. I thought that hearing their stories and what they had to say was just amazing and the strength that they have to speak about their experiences is admirable. Seeing Gloria’s tattoo was just how William put it, “a reminder that it wasn’t a dream.” Hearing William tell his story, however, was at the wrong timing, I think, because we were tired from the 3 hour tour and to get to sit down and, to some, hear a person drone on, was a combination to catch ZZZ’s. I honestly thought that William had an interesting story to tell. I also really enjoyed the 3 little people talking and explaining things, but the most amazing things was the recreations and the visual aids that they had. For example, there was a “bedroom” that was bombed or shot up, but basically destroyed and it looked real because there was even a doll broken up. I wanted to touch the displays, but obviously no. I also liked the Wannsee Conference recreation, which was pretty cool. 

So that was my reflection for the Museum of Tolerance, which we went to on a feild trip on April 22. I had lots of fun, but I would really love to go there with my dad. :] #83 is off the list.

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