A Hot Shot

The pic isn't the best but you can
see the red circle it left.
People don't normally want to get shot, but I always wondered how it would feel. Since I don't want to die by getting shot, I decided to get shot by one of the air shot things. Yesterday, at Adrian's house, the guys were going to play shooting each other with the little white plastic things with a gun and Bernice and I wanted to play. The guys were going to play without any protective gear besides the mask, but Bernice and I both had shorts on so we got sweats and a sweater. I thought, "hey, this is basically getting shot, just not with a bullet, so I should do it." Paolita didn't think I would, so I told Bernice to shoot me, so she did, but she missed. Then, Adrian shot me, but at first I didn't want him to do it, but with a sweater it didn't hurt. I then take off his sweater, and he shoots and it makes it on my lower back. It felt like it was burning. It was pretty funny because it hurt but it didn't at the same time. Later, Bernice got shot on the foot (she was wearing sandals), I think I shot Ricardo, and Adrian got shot by Ricardo. It was pretty fun, so I guess #36 can get crossed off my list! :] Oh, credit to Paolita for video taping it. XD

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