Secrets, Six Billion

I have recently discovered a website. This website is called Six Billion Secrets. They're catch phrase is "Everyone Has One. What's yours?" That is true. Everyone does have at least one secret. This website has intrigued me because the secrets that people submit, yes some are cliche, but real, while others are so raw it hurts. For example, one was about a girl who has Hyperthemisia, which is where she remembered every single detail of her life starting from the age 13 and she was raped and could remember the moment. This website, I believe, was important to mention in my blog because the secrets that are told are secrets that one carries through their life and once they are told, the person feels lighter and doesn't have to carry that burden around as heavy as before. I thought this website was interesting that I have submitted my own secret to it.

Done that, so no more.

I had wanted to get my graduating class of 2015's prom to be masquerade themed but not no more! On February 22 of 2013, I went to the Masquerade theme Spring Formal with Jeffrey! :D It was sooo much fun! I got ready at Jackie's (Daisy's) house and then we got dropped of at the Brandview Ballroom. It looked beautiful! We went to sit with Jeffrey and a while later Adrian came and then we went to get yummy food. After, it was just soo much fun! I danced with Jeffrey which was very fun and sweet because he doesn't like dancing, but in the end enjoyed himself, he said he had tons of fun too! Hours of silly dancing and lots of laughter, Jeffrey, sadly, had to go :( and the most suckiest part was that we didn't get a professional picture or photo booth pics. :( We did take pictures with my brother's and his brother's cameras. I had sooo much fun, it was incredible, which is why since I already went to a masquerade theme dance, I do not want to go again. I now deem #44 as invalid.