R.I.P./Q.E.P.D. Jenni Rivera

Today at the early morning, Jenni Rivera boarded a jet en route to Toluca, but never made it to her destination. The Mexican authorities found the jet crashed on the mountainous terrain, destroyed and with no survivors. My sister, Claudia, is a HUGE fan of Jenni's and it broke her heart when she found out the news that her favorite and beloved artist passed away due to the plane crash. It broke my heart to see my sister cry. It still has not registered to me that Jenni is dead, her great ambiance is gone, "La Gran Senora" is no more.

I have tried many times to get my sister some tickets to Jenni's show in LA, but no luck. Claudia loves to blast Jenni's music through the streets when she's driving and sings along with Jenni like nobody's business, which I enjoy to be a part of. Jenni sang songs of her past lovers, her heart aches, and not caring about her haters. Jenni did what she did and that was who she was.

My sister looks up to her and is inspired by her songs because Claudia can relate. Clau has been through things such as Jenni has and Clau finds condolences when she feels sad. As a little kid, I remember my mom telling me and my little brother, "Esta loca la Claudia," but that's how she is :]. "Mi Vida Loca II" is a great song that I love and so does my sister. It sucks a lot that I'm not able to take my sister to a Jenni Rivera show, but I would like to do the next best thing, whatever that may be, to make her happy.

Jenni Rivera's passing has also showed me, that once again, life is unpredictable. Just before take off, Jenni's stylist put up a photo on Instagram and Jenni had tweeted her last tweet, as comical as normal, both oblivious to what awaited them 10 minutes later when the jet lost contact with the world. In total, 7 lives were lost, in an instant, without warning. If we were to get religious, my mom beleived that God needed Jenni and that is why he took her. Before she died, Jenni performed with her brother Lupillo Rivera and had had an interview with her father as well. God gave her a chance to be with them before she passed. Jenni never got to forgive her ex-husband or her daughter, and I can't imagine how terrible they must feel. There had been rumors that they had an affair. Jenni had chances to forgive but now it's too late, which has opened my eyes to forgive people. We all make mistakes and hurt each other which is why I've also learned to try to forgive people for what they do. Que En Paz Descanse Jenni Rivera Nosotros oramos por ti y tu familia y por los demas que murieron en la tragedia.

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