Live like there is no tomorrow

"If time came to an end today and we left too many things to say
If we could turn it back what would we want to change? But now's the time to take a chance
Come on, we got to make a stand
What have we gotta lose? The choice is in our hands
And we can find a way to do anything if we try to

Live like there's no tomorrow, (cause all we have is here right now) Love like it's all that we know. (The only truth that we ever found) Believe in what we feel inside, Believe and it will never die.Don't ever let this life pass us by. Live like there's no tomorrow.

Take a leap of faith and hope you fly, feel what it's like to be alive
Give it all that we've got and lay it all on the line 

Nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible!"
-Selena Gomez & The Scene

"Live life like there's no tomorrow" is a great quote because it completely states the truth of life--it doesn't guarantee a tomorrow. Life is unpredictable, it can be taken from one in the blink of an eye or the stop of a heart beat. I believe that living life like there is no tomorrow is a great style of life, but it is very risky and can lead to many consequences. The situation that comes to mind automatically is when you go out to party and you hook up with someone. If you live life like there is no tomorrow then you hook up, but this could lead to many sexually transmitted diseases which could end your life prematurely which isn't worth one night of fun. But if you don't take risks and have fun, you end up being a party pooper and a downer which is no fun. Being a stick in the mud is not the type of person you want to be. I think that with measure and some sort of reason and depending on the situation, you could live like there is no tomorrow and be safe.

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