Get shot.. That's crazy!

Now I know that as you read #36. Get shot and survive you would think, "Wow what's wrong with her? Is she crazy?!" No. I am not crazy, I am just very curious.
I have always wondered about the pain of being shot. It all started when I had a dream that I had an incredibly intense and feirce feeling, which could be described as pleasantly painful, on my leg. In the dream I felt this pain intensify untill it became pleasant and then I died. The pain hadn't come from getting shot, but it came from getting sliced by a machete by a zombie who was a Boomer from Left for Dead 2. Although I got sliced on the leg, I think that the pain would be similar. I obviously wouldn't like to get shot and die, but I think that getting shot on the leg or shoulder or somewhere where it wouldn't be fatal would be worth while, as long as I didn't die or get dangerous injuries. After getting shot I think it would be cool to tell my kids, if I have any, "You think you're tough? Huh? You don't intimidate me, I got shot once you know? I can take you!" Haha that would be funny, but seriously I think it would be a great experience to feel the pain, not saying I am masochistic or anything like that, but I think it would be a good experience.

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