Why "This EPIC second life?"

"This EPIC second life" came to be when I was introduced to a project that focused on answering the classic question, "What do you want to do before you die?" I would get to points where I thought about life and death and about what comes after death. Anticipating the "afterlife" is something that has intruiged me, but I haven't been able to appreciate my limited time on Earth. I have taken serious thought to what I want to accomplish, not just some traveling or YOLO. Although I do want to explore the world and find my true self on the way, I want to take time to appreciate the little things, such as buying my little brother a Slurpee and work my way to the big things like college. I have so far lived my dull plain life not accomplishing much, but I am making my way to my second EPIC life. >:D

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