Advantage of Limited Time

A Walk to Remember is a love story of an uncanny couple. Jaime Sullivan is the daughter of the Reverand. Landon Carter is the typical trouble maker. He doesn't care about grades or school. Landon and Jaime have known eachother since kindergarten, but in senior year they become inseperable. Jaime shares to Landon that she has a list that she would like to accomplish before she dies, but what Landon doesn't know is that her time is limited. He wants to know what her number one item is, and after a while she says her number one is to marry in the church her mother and father married.
This movie was a great movie that I have seen. I have also read the book and found it very interesting. I love how Jaime knows that her time is limited, but puts her time to use as opposed to wallowing in sorrow. She takes advantage of her time, which is what we all should do since our time could be taken from us in a blink of an eye.

Why "This EPIC second life?"

"This EPIC second life" came to be when I was introduced to a project that focused on answering the classic question, "What do you want to do before you die?" I would get to points where I thought about life and death and about what comes after death. Anticipating the "afterlife" is something that has intruiged me, but I haven't been able to appreciate my limited time on Earth. I have taken serious thought to what I want to accomplish, not just some traveling or YOLO. Although I do want to explore the world and find my true self on the way, I want to take time to appreciate the little things, such as buying my little brother a Slurpee and work my way to the big things like college. I have so far lived my dull plain life not accomplishing much, but I am making my way to my second EPIC life. >:D