R.I.P./Q.E.P.D. Jenni Rivera

Today at the early morning, Jenni Rivera boarded a jet en route to Toluca, but never made it to her destination. The Mexican authorities found the jet crashed on the mountainous terrain, destroyed and with no survivors. My sister, Claudia, is a HUGE fan of Jenni's and it broke her heart when she found out the news that her favorite and beloved artist passed away due to the plane crash. It broke my heart to see my sister cry. It still has not registered to me that Jenni is dead, her great ambiance is gone, "La Gran Senora" is no more.

I have tried many times to get my sister some tickets to Jenni's show in LA, but no luck. Claudia loves to blast Jenni's music through the streets when she's driving and sings along with Jenni like nobody's business, which I enjoy to be a part of. Jenni sang songs of her past lovers, her heart aches, and not caring about her haters. Jenni did what she did and that was who she was.

My sister looks up to her and is inspired by her songs because Claudia can relate. Clau has been through things such as Jenni has and Clau finds condolences when she feels sad. As a little kid, I remember my mom telling me and my little brother, "Esta loca la Claudia," but that's how she is :]. "Mi Vida Loca II" is a great song that I love and so does my sister. It sucks a lot that I'm not able to take my sister to a Jenni Rivera show, but I would like to do the next best thing, whatever that may be, to make her happy.

Jenni Rivera's passing has also showed me, that once again, life is unpredictable. Just before take off, Jenni's stylist put up a photo on Instagram and Jenni had tweeted her last tweet, as comical as normal, both oblivious to what awaited them 10 minutes later when the jet lost contact with the world. In total, 7 lives were lost, in an instant, without warning. If we were to get religious, my mom beleived that God needed Jenni and that is why he took her. Before she died, Jenni performed with her brother Lupillo Rivera and had had an interview with her father as well. God gave her a chance to be with them before she passed. Jenni never got to forgive her ex-husband or her daughter, and I can't imagine how terrible they must feel. There had been rumors that they had an affair. Jenni had chances to forgive but now it's too late, which has opened my eyes to forgive people. We all make mistakes and hurt each other which is why I've also learned to try to forgive people for what they do. Que En Paz Descanse Jenni Rivera Nosotros oramos por ti y tu familia y por los demas que murieron en la tragedia.


Live like there is no tomorrow

"If time came to an end today and we left too many things to say
If we could turn it back what would we want to change? But now's the time to take a chance
Come on, we got to make a stand
What have we gotta lose? The choice is in our hands
And we can find a way to do anything if we try to

Live like there's no tomorrow, (cause all we have is here right now) Love like it's all that we know. (The only truth that we ever found) Believe in what we feel inside, Believe and it will never die.Don't ever let this life pass us by. Live like there's no tomorrow.

Take a leap of faith and hope you fly, feel what it's like to be alive
Give it all that we've got and lay it all on the line 

Nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible!"
-Selena Gomez & The Scene

"Live life like there's no tomorrow" is a great quote because it completely states the truth of life--it doesn't guarantee a tomorrow. Life is unpredictable, it can be taken from one in the blink of an eye or the stop of a heart beat. I believe that living life like there is no tomorrow is a great style of life, but it is very risky and can lead to many consequences. The situation that comes to mind automatically is when you go out to party and you hook up with someone. If you live life like there is no tomorrow then you hook up, but this could lead to many sexually transmitted diseases which could end your life prematurely which isn't worth one night of fun. But if you don't take risks and have fun, you end up being a party pooper and a downer which is no fun. Being a stick in the mud is not the type of person you want to be. I think that with measure and some sort of reason and depending on the situation, you could live like there is no tomorrow and be safe.


Failing with the Truth :(

So on November 12, 2012, I tried to accomplish #08. Be COMPLETELY honest for a whole week.. well it didn't turn out so well. I did get questions and I answered them truthfully, but I didn't feel accomplished. I went to the Model United Nations conference in UCLA on the 17th and 18th and a friend of mine asked me who I liked. Well I honestly didn't want to tell him so I kept avoiding the question by saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't talk right now I am eating." This was kind of a lame attempt at avoiding answering him truthfully, which meant I failed at #08.


Nine hundred thirty (09:30)

Reading military time has always been a struggle for me. I had always needed to count from 12 over. I would also not know whether to say "oh nine thirty" or "nine hundred thirty hours". At around 9:30 am, while waiting for the optometrist to open, I had asked Tony the grand question: "What do you want to do before you die?" Like the funny kid that he is, he said some things I'm not going to mention. He then asked me, and I showed him my blog. He saw #53. Know military time, and I explained how I knew how to tell it, but that it just took me a while. I also explained how I didn't know how to say it. He then shared his little secret that he discovered by himself. He said that whatever time was over 12:00, to subtract 2 and erase the tenth. For example: 16:00 - 02:00 = 14:00. 14:00 - the tenth = 04:00. Therefore 16:00 = 04:00 pm. :D


Get shot.. That's crazy!

Now I know that as you read #36. Get shot and survive you would think, "Wow what's wrong with her? Is she crazy?!" No. I am not crazy, I am just very curious.
I have always wondered about the pain of being shot. It all started when I had a dream that I had an incredibly intense and feirce feeling, which could be described as pleasantly painful, on my leg. In the dream I felt this pain intensify untill it became pleasant and then I died. The pain hadn't come from getting shot, but it came from getting sliced by a machete by a zombie who was a Boomer from Left for Dead 2. Although I got sliced on the leg, I think that the pain would be similar. I obviously wouldn't like to get shot and die, but I think that getting shot on the leg or shoulder or somewhere where it wouldn't be fatal would be worth while, as long as I didn't die or get dangerous injuries. After getting shot I think it would be cool to tell my kids, if I have any, "You think you're tough? Huh? You don't intimidate me, I got shot once you know? I can take you!" Haha that would be funny, but seriously I think it would be a great experience to feel the pain, not saying I am masochistic or anything like that, but I think it would be a good experience.


Advantage of Limited Time

A Walk to Remember is a love story of an uncanny couple. Jaime Sullivan is the daughter of the Reverand. Landon Carter is the typical trouble maker. He doesn't care about grades or school. Landon and Jaime have known eachother since kindergarten, but in senior year they become inseperable. Jaime shares to Landon that she has a list that she would like to accomplish before she dies, but what Landon doesn't know is that her time is limited. He wants to know what her number one item is, and after a while she says her number one is to marry in the church her mother and father married.
This movie was a great movie that I have seen. I have also read the book and found it very interesting. I love how Jaime knows that her time is limited, but puts her time to use as opposed to wallowing in sorrow. She takes advantage of her time, which is what we all should do since our time could be taken from us in a blink of an eye.

Why "This EPIC second life?"

"This EPIC second life" came to be when I was introduced to a project that focused on answering the classic question, "What do you want to do before you die?" I would get to points where I thought about life and death and about what comes after death. Anticipating the "afterlife" is something that has intruiged me, but I haven't been able to appreciate my limited time on Earth. I have taken serious thought to what I want to accomplish, not just some traveling or YOLO. Although I do want to explore the world and find my true self on the way, I want to take time to appreciate the little things, such as buying my little brother a Slurpee and work my way to the big things like college. I have so far lived my dull plain life not accomplishing much, but I am making my way to my second EPIC life. >:D